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Emergency Services

Did you know that Floor Savers Maintenance & Restoration offers 24/7 Emergency Services to our preferred clientele?  YES WE DO!  In times of crisis, you want to know that you are protected.  Floor Savers Maintenance & Restoration is at your service. Being a preferred client lets you put your worries to rest.

What would you do if this happened to you?

  • A sprinkler line bursts in your office – at 2AM.
  • A small fire starts in your kitchen – and the smoke damages four nearby rooms.
  • A sewer line backs up – into your basement.
  • A leaky roof causes –can cause mold in the attic.

Cases like these are far from expected, but we see them every day. Floor Savers is the most reliable firm when disaster strikes. Don’t be overwhelmed; let our experience help you resolve even the most difficult crisis. Certified by IICRC/The Clean Trust, our team of trained professionals will restore your building to its original state. 

When you have an emergency, always look for these five standards:

  • A firm that has on-call staff to handle any disaster at any time.
  • A firm that has the tools for immediate response (transportation and technology).
  • A firm that follows accepted industry standards and protocols.
  • A firm that will follow-up and handle after care.
  • A firm that uses the latest innovative tools and products.

Floor Savers Maintenance & Restoration meets all five of these standards and we are constantly improving and innovating. Our team of certified professional mitigation specialists can provide you with the necessary service when it matters most, in minutes, not hours.  Contact us at 866.733.9790 to dispatch our emergency crew when you need it most.