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From the Owner

To our loyal customers,

Thank you for selecting Floor Savers to service your floor and upholstery needs.  We will work hard to give you simply the best experience in the most extraordinary way.  There are a few things you should know before we service your home or business.

First, Floor Savers Technicians will complete a pre-inspection walk through with you.  This is the time to bring up any concerns you have, like previous stains, heavy traffic areas, allergies, or pet odors. We have a variety of options that can solve almost any problem.

Before we arrive, it is important to remove all fragile and valuable items far from the area that we will clean. If you have paid us to move your furniture, we will move easily moveable items and clean under larger pieces when possible.  In all cases, we will be careful when moving those items or working around them.  For the safety of your little ones and pets, please make arrangements for them to be out of the service areas during cleaning.

Some things are beyond our control!  Shading, fading, oxidation (yellowing), wear, loose seams and some stains caused by permanent dye or bleach, will not be helped by cleaning.  This also includes latent intruder stains, which are stains that become evident after cleaning.  Some examples of this are old urine, plant fertilizer and acne medications which may contain ingredients that can add or delete color after cleaning.  If you have had a previous stain on your carpet that was not properly treated before our visit, this stain may still be hiding in your carpet fibers.  Once the carpet has completely dried, this stain may reappear.  As always, please be sure to let your technician know about spots and spills before cleaning. 

Normal cleaning will not stop pet urine odor from reoccurring.  It takes a special application of chemicals and sometimes removal of the cushion and sealing of the sub-floor.  Please discuss these concerns with your technician during your pre-inspection walk through.

Due to increased moisture caused by cleaning, wrinkles may develop.  These wrinkles or ripples will go away within 12-72 hours, as the humidity in your home returns to normal.  Remember: Wet floors can be very slippery, and walking from a damp carpet to a dry hard surface can be dangerous! 

We want your cleaning experience to be simply the best in the most extraordinary way!  We promise to do our very best for you at all times. For more information on how to prepare for and what to expect for your cleaning visit, click here. Thank you again for selecting Floor Savers!


Marc Munyan