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Cleaning Maintenance of Hard Surfaces

Ceramic tile is one of the most abused and overlooked floor and wall surfaces in the home. Appropriately maintaining tile and grout takes time, effort, and the proper equipment and products.  Floor Savers can provide a professional solution to this difficult problem.

From deep cleaning to restoration and protective services, Floor Savers can help with all of your tile and grout cleaning needs. Dirt builds up on tile and inside your grout, dulling and discoloring their appearance. Our thorough, high pressure tile and grout cleaning removes the deep-down dirt that lies within the pores of your grout lines. A finishing coat of our FS Micro Protect will keep your tile protected from dirt and bacteria and looking like new. Best of all, the protective coating is easy to clean.

Make your grout look new again with FS Color Seal.

Floor Savers can restore your grout to its original appearance with our premium FS Color Seal restoration service. Replacing your old, discolored grout is very expensive, can take days, and makes a big mess. For far less than the cost of replacing your grout, and usually in just one day, our FS Color Seal service will transform your discolored grout back to its original splendor or even to a new color. FS Color Seal works by providing a layer of uniform color to your grout lines, giving your floor a clean and refreshed look. Along with improving the cosmetic appearance of your floor, FS Color Seal provides a protective waterproof, stainproof barrier that guards your grout from spills, dirt & debris. FS Color Seal is even mold and mildew resistant.  It is easy to clean and maintain, extending the life of your grout for a fraction of the cost of replacement. With an annual service agreement, there is a lifetime guarantee.