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Vinyl Cleaning

Our Certified Technicians are trained to treat any vinyl floor concerns, from regular maintenance to major restoration.

  • For newer surfaces, Floor Savers will remove all dry debris and burnish the floor to restore high shine.
  • For moderate wear, Floor Savers will perform a Scrub and Refinish. Our technicians will scrub off the top layer of finish, removing embedded dirt. We then apply finish and polish to a perfect shine.
  • For heavy wear, your vinyl floor may need a Strip and Finish. Floor Savers will strip off all of the existing finish, clean and rinse the floor in preparation for installing a new finish. Finally, we will buff the new finish to restore your floor’s luster, providing a “like new” look to your floor.

At Floor Savers, our services will leave your vinyl flooring easier to clean and restored to its original color. Our finishes won’t yellow or fade, and our highly trained technicians can handle any special situations you may have.